Clear just not your style? Try traditional braces or gold braces!

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces have long been the most utilized appliances for orthodontic treatment.  This doesn’t mean that orthodontic treatment with braces is the same as it was a generation ago. Advancements in technology have made treatment more gentle, comfortable, and more personalized for each individual patient.  These major changes are in the design of braces, the materials used to bond the braces to teeth and discovery of new metals to make the orthodontic wire more gentle and flexible.  Treatment can also be fun when you jazz up your braces with the color ties that hold the wires in. Click 'Get Started Now' to schedule your initial exam appointment today.

traditional braces


Gold Braces

Gold braces are available for only the most humble and conservative patients.  If you ever get the feeling that you want your smile to shine as bright as the contents of Fort Knox then we have the solution for you.  Gold never goes out of style, so why not wear it on your teeth?

gold braces philadelphia